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The Sheep Alliance of WA is a not for profit incorporated association that was formed in July 2016 to prepare a whole-of-supply chain response to the decline in WA sheep population, drive sheep business profitability and drive sustainable industry growth.
Its operation is funded by Royalties for Regions through the Sheep Industry Business Innovation project.

Membership of the Alliance is open to all entities that are key contributors to the sheep supply chain and/or actively working towards improving the profitability of the WA sheep industry and where membership is the business, not the individual. The membership base is diverse, bringing together growers, sheep exporters, wool exporters, processors, universities and educational institutions, wool and livestock brokers, ag consultants and various other service providers supporting the sheep industry.

The most valuable aspect of the Alliance is the mechanism it provides for all-of-supply-chain collaboration in forming industry strategy and driving the necessary action to achieve its objectives.

At its core is the function it plays in communicating key messages to stakeholders in a consistent and united fashion.

The Alliance is guided by a nine-member skills-based board, responsible to the membership, supported a part-time executive officer.